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Before I start diving into my adventures at the state parks, I thought I would take a moment to layout my plans and what this series will and will not be. It will be a story of our time spent and the discoveries found. It will not be a history lesson as that is the whole point of visiting these spots, also NV State Parks website is really good at providing information if you plan to visit any of the parks as well as giving the history of each location. It is a resource I use time and time again.

At this time, most of my visits to the parks have been in the winter months and in the northern part of the state. While the parks are always open, a lot of facilities may be closed or have limited hours. Do not fear, I will be back in the different seasons in order to get a full perspective of these places. Also, because they are fairly quiet at this point, if you plan on visiting, please please please pay the entrance fees utilizing the fee stations. These places can’t be enjoyed by all and our future generations without some funds. A great option is the entrance pass. I take the kids to Sand Harbor a lot in the summer to beat the heat, so I’ve been buying the pass for years. I never utilized it at other parks until now. If you plan on visiting a number of parks or one in particular very often, the pass is worth it. Finally if you get 15 stamps in your passport you get a free pass!

I don’t plan on officially reviewing these parks. There are a lot of resources for official star rating, but I don’t want this to be a place for them. Our parks have various purposes for visitors and my lifestyle may or may not fit into each park perfectly. I love being outdoors but not super fit to enjoy strenuous hikes. Short hikes can even be rough when a one year old is strapped to you and three (almost four) year old likes to sit in the trails to rest. I have the kids with me most of the time, so browsing a visitor center or museum can be more like herding cats. So instead of listing out the good with the bad, I just want to share our story and our adventure and hope it has some value to someone out there. I’ll still highlight a few of my favorite things and share my tips along the way.

In conclusion, I have found that our state parks are our own to utilize and they have something for everyone. With a little planning, creativity, and flexibility they all can be enjoyed.

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