NV State Park Series – Cave Lake

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Cave Lake

Cave Lake State Park was the second state park on our Loneliest Road Trip. We headed out to Cave Lake on our way to Great Basin National Park. It was a cold morning and snow was starting to come down, but we figured we would try to tackle the day and adjust as needed. I’m happy to say the weather didn’t stop any fun that day and probably made Cave Lake even more memorable.

The winter has been warm this year and Oliver has been asking for a snowball fight, Only if he gets to throw it at daddy but not if daddy throws it at him. At least he knows how to lay out the ground rules. Cave Lake delivered on the snow and made for one happy Oliver! We even left a little snowman on the dock for the next visitors.

From my research, I knew Cave Lake has multiple events throughout the year. Winter activities include an ice fishing derby and an ice sculpture show. I’m not sure why I was surprised and excited to find most of Cave Lake frozen. I’ll blame it as a mom moment. It was fun to share the frozen lake with the kids and the boys even ventured out on the dock to get closer. Cave Lake summer events include a bathtub race! I’m sure it is a great mix of goofiness and fun. My kind of event.

Family at Cave Lake

Cave Lake State Park Highlights

  • Lake Freezes in Winter
  • Fun events year round
  • Lots of camping available

Only a handful of campsites were open for the season but I loved them being so close to the lake. For those participating in lake activities, these site would be perfect. There is another campground in the park but was closed for the season so we couldn’t explore it.

After getting two kids and two adults properly bundled up, we walked through a few of the day use areas around the lake. They all have nice picnic tables, fire pits, and bbqs. If it was a bit warmer, you bet I would have been setting up lunch and enjoying the lake views. Frozen or not, Cave Lake State Park is a great spot to really soak in Eastern Nevada.

cave lake

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