Happy Birthday Oliver!

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Oliver and Mommy

My sweet little Oliver turns 4 today. As so many moms can attest, the days are long but the years go so fast. 3 was such a fun year with Oliver, I am a bit apprehensive to say good bye. But, Oliver is always full of surprises so I’m sure 4 will be even more of an adventure.

To my Oliver:

Thank you for your sweet spirit and curiosity. Thank you for your patience as mom stumbles along with this role of motherhood. Being the first born is tough, mom struggles a lot, but you are always so aware of other’s feelings and try to be a big helper. You have taken on the role of big brother better than I could of ever hoped. I am excited to see you grow up with your little sister. She may be a bit of a bully to you now, but you two will have so much fun.

I love seeing you make friends and learn so much in preschool and speech this last year. You make me smile every time you sing your songs or ask me to read a whole pile of books. I love your over excitement for swim school and your blue chips.

Oliver at School

We’ve had our share of adventures this last year. I know Disneyland and Splash Mountain was your favorite, and I promise we will go back when you can ride the snow mountain (Matterhorn). You have to admit, walking with Mickey on main street was pretty awesome too.

Oliver and Mickey

Mom and Dad are sad they can’t share today with you, but we have some exciting celebrations and adventures in store this next week, and plenty of cake. You will have so much fun with Meemaw and your cousins today.

I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. You are so very sweet, smart, strong, and super silly. I’m sad to see 3 go, but am excited for the adventure that 4 will bring. I love you so very much, my Oliver. Happy Birthday little man!

Love, Momma

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  1. Oliver is such an amazing young man…and you are an AMAZING mother. 4 will bring so many adventures and will be an absolute blast.


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