An Introduction

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I’ve been hoarding since 2012 with the original idea of a group family blog to share photos and life events as a lot of family missed updates on social media. While that never really took off, I still held onto it for sentimental value and for future ambitions.

6 years later, the desire to write, document, or however you want to define this blog is stronger than ever. While I still don’t have a clear picture and direction for this outlet, like so many journeys in life, the messy middle: full of mistakes, redirection, changes, adaptions, and all and all going with the flow always ends up being the favorite memories and most rewarding parts.

A lot has happened in the last 6 years. I’m no longer that young fresh business owner who traveled the world and doted on her dogs. Now I’ve left the business to my husband for the title of mommy to two really cute but busy toddlers. The dogs are still here but now take the role of jungle gym and floor cleaner rather than my fur babies. Who am I kidding, they are always my fur babies. While I still travel and see this outlet as a travel journal more than anything else, my journeys are now a bit closer to home and require a lot more planning and a much fuller car than before.

So for now my vision for this blog is to create a place to share my adventure as a mom of two toddlers attempting to share this world with them as well as experience it for myself as an individual when I can. At the same time keeping it flexible and realistic, because let’s be honest, being a mom is hard, messy, and awesome all at the same time.

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