A Mom Who Home Brews

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weighing grain

As a relatively new mom, brewing beer might seem like a strange hobby. Maybe so, but when you have a husband who is a very passionate home brewer, a long standing appreciation for craft beer, and a history of a lot of craft brewery visits, it comes with the territory. So, yes, I am a mom that home brews.

While I hope to share my tips, recipes, and adventures in this hobby, I feel at this point in the journey I don’t have a lot to offer. At least nothing of any real value or isn’t already readily available. I do however want to share our last brew day, because it was a good one. The day was full of new recipes, beautiful weather, some quality family time, and a little excitement. Even our adventures at home keep us on our toes.

I’ve brewed on and off the last few years, but always with some serious help in recipe development from Brandon.  I have only just now started creating my own recipes with little help and I am more excited than ever to continue brewing beer. I brewed an Irish Red in preparation for St. Paddies day. When it is completed, I’ll share the process and whether it turned out any good.

grain bill

Brew day at our house is a whole family process. Oliver is a big helper with measuring, stirring, and greeting any car that may pass by the house. Thankfully we are at the end of the road so it isn’t too many. Annabelle usually tries to grab the burner, drop random items from the garage into the kettles, and wander into the middle of the street…so Brandon keeps her at bay while I brew and I do the same for him when he brews.

Transfering wort

It was a relatively uneventful brew day as Brandon has really dialed in his system. We had a few friends stop by to chat about brewing, partake in a few home brews, and enjoy the weather. But we did manage to scare everyone good when a silicone hose from our chiller popped. Oliver was playing with the hose in the yard and managed to kink it unknowingly. The water quickly built up pressure and the hose exploded. Man, was it loud! Luckily, it was just some water on the garage floor and all of us feeling a little more alive. Brandon quickly got the chiller back in working shape, beer was unscathed, and now we talk about the explosions on brew day! Oliver was embarrassed but we calmed him down quickly and he was his happy cheery self in no time.

Checking gravity

This winter we have been really lucky on brew day in terms of weather. This weekend was no exception, maybe even the best yet. It was a day of perfect temperatures, little wind, lots of sunshine, and hanging with the kids. Oliver in his growing wisdom told us he ‘likes his home’ and ‘wants to stay forever’.  I don’t blame you buddy. Sometimes staying home and enjoying your love ones is the best adventure of all.

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