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I’ve always been really good at making goals. I consider myself a master list maker who loves nothing more than penciling a line through a task and the satisfaction of an item complete. Unfortunately, the typical New Year’s goals are more life style changes, require many smaller tasks to complete,  or at the very least something that takes more time to complete than I have in a day. So of course, this year was no different than any other as I planned the typical: eat healthy, work out everyday, make time for meditation, wake up early, read more, etc.  Like so many I started the new year off with lots of game plans, a bit of excitement, and sense of empowerment. Also like so many, that all faded within the first few days. Cue the goals post in February.

The dreaded flu and winter sicknesses of this year hit the family hard and someone has been sick in this house since Christmas. Being pregnant or nursing for the better part of the last 5 years seemed to shield me from most sicknesses but not this year. Trying to take care of two very active toddlers while looking like death is not fun. EVER. As soon as I felt we were over the bugs, someone else would fall ill again, and so we deal, if not always gracefully.

So in the spirit of my hopes for this blog, I’m trying to stay flexible and adaptable while still trying to work on my goals. I’ve come to realize in this stage of life, things are messy and never work out as planned. That doesn’t mean I can’t keep trying in the mean time. I may never reach my goals and will start back up again next year, but if I keep trying then at least I didn’t give up. Also, isn’t the middle part of the journey always the best anyways.

I’ve always loved to travel and as we started having babies I  wanted to instill the love of travel in my kids. Of course, I don’t just jump on a plane and travel across the globe with babies in tow as the planning and organizing give me massive anxiety just  thinking about it. A little more creativity and closer look at home and the places around us have given me a new sense of adventure and desire to share with the kiddos. One of of my big goals this year is to see more of the great state of ours, Nevada. It is so easy to think of Nevada as nothing more than Reno, Las Vegas, and a lot of empty space in between. Oh boy, is that wrong! One way I thought would be fun to explore the state was to visit Nevada’s 23 state parks. They span the entire state and even include a fun passport book with stamps at each site to keep as a memento and log of your journey. While we have already journeyed to the parks closer to home in this unseemingly warm winter, I’m looking forward to the further distances and new parts of the state I’ve never explored in my 25 years as a resident. I’ll be sharing all of my adventures, surprising finds, recommendations, hopes, and in the spirit of keeping it real, missteps along the way of all 23 parks in the next year.

This goal makes me very excited and I feel with my handy passport book as my ultimate checklist I will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment with each park and desire to plan and visit the next one. I’ll not only be able to say that I’ve visited all of Nevada’s state parks in a year but also that I have created a new sense of love for all of Nevada.

If you want to get your own Nevada State Passport for your own adventure visit the Nevada Parks website. See you on the open road!

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